Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Signs

Ok not really a sign but I got nothing creative to say today. Wait, most days are not that creative. Took a rest day after physio. More to get some things caught up after the weekend. I'm pretty much home now for any races left for the season. Yep, the race season is coming to an end.

Speaking of racing, it's a busy weekend. Crank the Shield is going and it's looking like everyone is going to have great weather. I'm going to try and make my way up one day to cheer people on. I've heard that the Chico Boys have been looking like a chain gang making sure every trail is perfect.

Paul's Dirty Enduro is on also. I have still had in the back of my mind to just do this. After the marathon race there I really got hooked on the trails. Last minute decisions do happen in my world. 100km's of single track. Try and make an attempt to take down the King. I know one other racer who would like to dethrone Benno in his backyard. It'll be a tough thing to do. Ben's riding fast.

Of course over sea's, ;Sunday will have me sitting in front of the computer watching cheering on Andrew, Derek, Peter, Emily and the rest of the Ontario crew killing it on the World Cup. I wonder if the need arm bands and knee bands over there or are they using arm and knee warmers???

It's chilly out this morning, hmmmm more coffee gotta run!

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Andy said...

actually Leg warmers are the only way to go, there are no knee warmers to be seen. And yes we wear warmers, not "bands".