Wednesday, September 30, 2009

looking to the future

2009 race season is barely over, actually it's not but on chalkboard it says it's finished, I'm already starting to think about what I want to do for 2010. Do I focus on the short races or the longer. Do I travel more? or less?

One of my first plans for 2010 is a race versus travel time ratio. If it takes me longer to drive there then it will to do the race itself, it won't be on the 2010 schedule. Now of course I do drive very fast and I ride sometimes slow so this is something that needs to be google mapped, recalculated on map my ride, then drawn out with crayons on a cardboard box all the while I have the calculator going so fast that it always has an e at the end of the numbers.

For Ontario Cup I'm going to race with who I should be, unfortunate timing of bad weather, bad legs or not actually going to the race did not give me enough points to move to Elite at the end of the season I think I missed it by 5 or 6 points. Mountainview was supposed to be the place to do it but I blew up so hard I melted my helmet. I'm a hair disappointed but the end goal for me moving up was to make it even harder for Andrew to lap me.

So I'll be racing with the Master Experts for 2010, these guys are crazy fast still but I may even see a few top 10's finishes playing here. There will be no more comments of senior citizen in senior expert. It was a little strange that I was the only one in that division with grey hair.

Now the cool thing with moving to the ME division. Less traffic, a lot less traffic. This year we left the start corel dead last since senior expert is the black sheep of the Ontario Cup. The half step between Junior Elite and Senior Elite. Which means leave last and battle past every division to get open trail, Ok I didn't battle but grunted my way along but there was always traffic.

Master Expert leaves just a few steps behind Elite. Everyone at the front is fast, this could be fun. Of course I will not be focusing on Ontario Cup races again this year. It will still be a training ride with a bunch of friends. There will be races I do and races I skip depending on what is in the cards for that month. This also means that I get to have fun battling it out with my buddy Jeremy. This season we ran pretty close finishing times. Looks like it could be a fun season with just that alone.

So what will be my main focus for 2010. I have a few ideas right now, I've had two sponsors suggest things, friends suggest things, Mom suggest things, even my bikes hint on a few things. I'll tell you tomorrow, not that it's a big surprise but I've run out of time and almost out of coffee.

Time for work.

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