Friday, September 4, 2009

Have to vent a little

I'm currently sitting on my sister's couch drinking coffee. The trip out to Ottawa was, lets just say interesting. I saw stupid reminders how little people think about consequence in results to their actions. More so this generation of James Dean, want to be a rebel got my bike licence yesterday so I'm going to get a big ass noisy bike and terrorize the roads group.

For those I'm about to offend, sorry but you need to hear this. I am the first to admit that I am mature enough to know that I am not mature enough to own a motorcycle. I grew up around them, my Dad always had them including crouch rockets and Gold Wings. When I did ride I was reminded by him that on a bike, like a bicycle, that you will never win in a battle against a car and that you need to be defensive. Well maybe this rebel generation might want to remember that.

First up I do have to make a point about the noise. Sorry guys but going through town 2 gears lower than you need to be reving the shit out of the engine does not make you a bad ass. Inside info from a customer who just happens to be on the board of a large motorcycle association (HD) told me that there will be no sound limits coming soon. Fantastic!!!

Ok so onto the drive. Coming into Bancroft I followed a guy on a Cruiser who was going up in down with the speed limit, reving the bike constantly for know reason. Then I noticed the highlight to this. Where the hell is his helmet??? Awww tipped back off his head kinda like the cowgirl hat hanging by a string around his neck. HMMMM really friggen bright. The funny thing is this was the smarter of the two bikes. I haven't even started into the idiot behind me.

So there are lots of rules about riding bikes that the old boys all know and all respect, Dad constantly reminded me of these when we would be out on a ride. Dad rode for 40 years. Most of those rules are just straight out common sense.

On to the clown behind me. My video camera was beside me, I should have taped it. You would have been shocked at the lack of brain cells this guy had. I'm into Bancroft. 50Km/h zone. 6-7 cars in front along with the wanna be biker guy who has now put his helmet back on. The guy behind me feels that he deserves to be in front of me and squeezes between me and oncoming traffic. His mirror,my mirror inches. I saw him coming up and my window was down so off course I called out "what the fuck are you thinking!!!!"

This is the interesting thing. He pulls in front of me, then starts looking back at me and swerving all over the lane and slowing down. Of course I start to slow down trying to figure out what this moron is trying to prove or do. I'm also watching him wander close to the yellow line with big ass trucks coming in the other direction. I'm on the fine line of either coming to a complete stop, getting out of the car and confronting this guy or getting away from him as fast as possibly.

So first off there is no way in hell this guy was a gang banger, the town I grew up in we had lots so I kinda know what I'm looking for. I had some shady friends growing up. Anyways I chose for the later of the options, hopped the curb and pinned it. Audi versus Harley, sorry boy you don't have the go to keep up. I am still shaking my head at this guy, no thoughts on any of his surroundings or what could would should have happened. How did he know that I wasn't packin my 9, or that I wasn't some crazy and turn my car at him giving him a nudge. Car versus bike, you know the end result.

This is all the same with cyclists versus cars, gotta thing cause versus effect. Maybe I shouldn't go full out against motorcyclists but more a general statement. Cause equals effect, I've seen more red light runners than ever, more car wandering in a lane than ever, more stupid driving things that could cause something major ever. Maybe we need to think about what we are doing more than ever!!!

Ok, I see a bunch of people about to knock me off the soap box and pummel me. I'll be out on the road bike later this afternoon, I think I'll be looking for some empty roads.

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Anonymous said...

more car wandering in a lane ever? = some idiot probably texting while driving!