Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's a river in my nose

The steps of a cold according to me. Yep, I'm still sick but I'm at the next stage. How much snot can one person produce??? Not enjoyable and good sleep is constantly interrupted by the gagging effect. The rare times I do get sick it's a 4 day process. Day one, sort of sore throat and a little achy, day two really sore throat hard to swallow etc. Day three (today) so much snot that I need to cut down a tree and make my own Kleenex, Day four almost healthy. This will be the longest 24 hours.

At least the weather is playing to me being sick, it's pouring rain and they are calling for a couple more days of it. Race day is looking like a mix of rain also, whatever. The course did need it. Looking at the numbers for this weekend along with who is on the list and who is not. 500 plus total right now, Paul will be there so I will have my work cut out for me. Logan who has won the first two 8 hours is not on the list but either am I. There are always a few that are there with no forewarning. It's going to be a fun day regardless. No single speed for me.

A few interesting things to read, Chris Eatough is retiring. The man is done after this year.

The Liberty bikes Squeezer is now Ontario Cycling Assassination sanctioned which means this well paying out race that draws over a 1000 racers will be even crazier this year. $1000 first place creates a lot of attention. I'd love to go but my legs will be trashed.

Of course there will be lots of crazies at this the day before. Had the 8 hour been a different day the single speed cross nationals would be the place to be. Looks like Ontario is the hot spot for racing this weekend. Choice your poison wisely. I need the 8 hour. It's like a bad drug.

Gotta go blow my nose and not ride a bike.

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