Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick update

Long drive, made it across the boarder almost free and clear. Jacob looked a little shade and they thought he was attempting to stay int eh states after the race. In most cases I don't think he would except for the fact that the weather is awesome. It's 8pm and it's 75 degrees out. Yes I've been in the states all of 6 hours and I'm already ditching the metric system

Jacob and I made our way over to Hansen Hills to spin the legs out. 6.5 hours in the car does a number on them. We found after that we rode about half the course. It's fast and flowy stay off the brakes type course. There is lots of sand but it's not to bad.

Plan is a couple laps of the course tomorrow then eat, clean bikes and relax. I'll have a new post with pictures etc up tomorrow. For now it's relax time.

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