Thursday, September 3, 2009


Not sure how many updates I'll get in this weekend. I also expect everyone to be out and about. It's looking like it's going to be amazing weather and I'm going to have a very busy weekend.

I'm officially on holiday's after my last service call of the day, from there it's jumping in the car heading east to Ottawa. A wedding on a long weekend always sucks but at least the group I'll be with a wedding is little different. A bunch of cyclists and adventure racers. Yep, the special type.

Friday night consist of go karting and drinking!!! Yep two things I'm kinda good at. Last time we did this I got flagged more than once. Remember that rubbin is racing thought, I guess they have never seen Days of Thunder. Let's see if I can put my brother in law in to the wall.

I will be armed with a road bike and plan on getting a couple easy rides in before heading back Sunday afternoon. Gotta be back because The Monday Night Something crew is doing the Monday all afternoon thing of some riding and some eating. No lights, just fun. There could even be some beer mixed into this. Wow it's going to be a weekend of hydration and carb loading. The ultimate pre 24 hour weekend.

Things seem to be coming together smoothly for the 24 hour. Even the weather at this point is looking like rainbows and butterflies with trails made of chocolate. No rivers since it's looking like there will be no rain at this point.

Check in on Andrew and Jacob's blogs today. Last night's final race for the season at Hardwood was supposed to be interesting. I did hear some siren's and saw the air ambulance heading that direction. Hoping there are pictures or video of this.

They were NOT heading out on the double track.

Gotta go, sooner I'm done, the sooner I'm done

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