Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reality check

She is going through with it. The talk is now action. I think it will take a little while to really sink in. Mom is going to move. The family home is officially on the market

I totally understand why but of course it doesn't make it any easier. Originally, the plan set in place by my sister and I many years ago was to keep this house in the family forever. This seemed even more important afterer my father passed away. We can both afford to do it,the only factor that would change our thoughts would be if Mom wanted to sell. Well that's what's happening.
This house is very much part of our family and we have all put shed some blood doing renovations, gardening etc. The pictures do not do the justice to the wood scroll work my Father made in the gables, to the custom pine floors he made with his hands to the hours/years of work Mom put into the gardens which are still talked about after the house was put on the garden tour a few years back.

It's going to be weird having someone coming in and looking around. I really hope who ever does buy it does take pride in ownership and will keep things up kept. I have a hard time going past my old house now, I've seen the garden's go to shit, the outside start to collect garbage etc.
I wish selling the house would be closer to the way it was when I sold my Dad's Gold Wing a few years back. It wasn't selling, it was interviewing the next person for the job. Trust me when I say I had a few fail the interview and were nicely escorted away from the motorcycle. Can I do this with the people they may live in my Dad and Mom's house??? You must keep the gardens weed free and the trim painted etc etc. Unfortunately not.
I know this is not a bike related topic but it is involving my life. It does involve my number supporter, Mom and her choices in life. It's going to be a little weird doing family dinner's in a different family home.
Gotta run and try and out bid the first person who tries to buy it.

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