Tuesday, September 8, 2009

looking ahead

I know I shouldn't be doing it but I couldn't help myself. I was checking the weather for this weekend. I know it's useless and what ever they have posted at this point will probably not happen. I will say though at this point things are looking not half bad. Mid 20's and cloudy. I can handle that. Hell, that's pretty much the best conditions for 2009.

On the body front, feel good this morning. I'm 100 percent a go now for Michigan. Heading to Dr. Bill's very shortly for a tune up, more yoga mid day and a possible endurance road ride this evening. Lot's of packing to do, one bike to get ready, food to eat. I'm getting a little excited now. Relieved for sure.

Had a great night with the Monday Night Something crew. This was a bike free evening with very little exertion. I came home a few pounds heavier from the food. Thanks Tammy, Liz and Jer. Lots of stories told, lies expanded and people blamed. Ok only one was blamed (inside story) A few off season plans were brought up also. Could see the canoe getting a little use come October and the passport filled with a new stamp come mid winter. Both will probably do a little damage to my liver.

First day of holidays, coffee is tasting great like usual, what do I do with myself??? Nothing because I can. Gotta run, ok maybe I don't

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