Monday, September 21, 2009

Mother Nature's abusive cousin

That's right folks, I got a cold!!! I never ever get sick. UNLESS, I self inflict myself with to much exertion and not enough rest. Well the rest thing caught up with me and my body got made. This wasn't even bike related exertion but the rest of the world stuff.

A few days off the bike, lots of fluids (non alcoholic), sleep, and healthy foods and I'll be back at it. Oh and Cold FX, some say it's a hoax, some don't but I've been using for a couple years and not planning on changing my routine anytime soon. This is the first time sick this year so what do you think?

So now that I am in an unscheduled rest week which is actually not a bad thing with the 8 hour coming up I'll have time to play in the basement with those wheels, clean bikes etc etc. I did get out and ride the course yesterday. Lets just say that I almost got concerned because I registered for the race before I rode it.

It's the standard start up the wood chips, yeah for wood chips, then turns right to continue the climb. Nothing to exciting, lots of double track. Actually the first 8-9 minutes is double track with a few chunks of single track mixed in. Just enough to possibly cause a bottle neck on the first lap. Just means I need to be at the front, of course that is my weakness hammering hard in the first km. So riding this wonderfully boring double track I was actually ready to say screw it and not race. I know that every organizer has been building rain ready courses because of the crap year but this was overkill I thought.

Then the single track began, along with the technical stuff. Yes, it started to become fun, ok I'm still in. I think they used up most of the double track in the first 10 minutes because we pretty much are single track for the rest of the lap except the downhill into the timing area. There are just enough passing areas that traffic shouldn't be to bad.

There are a few sections that brought back memories of a couple years ago. Yep the cold and this one section all go hand in hand. Fall 8 hour a few years back, had a cold the week of the race, said screw it and hammered anyways, crashed hard broke 2 ribs, kept going and moved back up to 3rd and was gaining fast on 2nd. It was a fun day!! Can I repeat it? minus the broken ribs. Possibly a win?? Going to try.

I have been flipping a coin on whether to race on a geared bike (Anthem's) which I've registered in or switch and go single speed catagory just for shit's and giggles. I've got the Blue pretty pimped right now and I'd also bring out the 29er for fun. I'll decide that later in the week.

Right now, coffee and water and work.

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