Monday, September 7, 2009

Are you feeling it??? I'm only partially

Woke up it a much better mood this morning. Biggest reason is I was able to move. Ok I was still in bed and not load barring but I was much happier. Enjoyed the fact it was a long weekend and stayed in bed a little longer. Ok way longer than normal, drank my pot of coffee in bed while watching the World Cup XC championships.

After a hot shower did exactly what I had planned. A full hour of yoga, I was hearing lots of popping which was a good thing as things went back in line. I felt even better after. Grabbed the single speed to coast along the rail trail. Not really riding and it's much easier than walking. Things felt good. My stress level is lowering. It's so low that I'm starting to pack for Michigan. The Molly Monster got a great run and played in the bay for a while. It felt like summer.

Yep that OCD side starts kicking in. I like being packed a week ahead and race 3 days earlier than everyone is if I could. Right now I am 90% certain I will be going. I'm at a 60/40 split on what race I will be doing with the larger number still for the 24 hour. I don't want to drive longer than I actually race. I think that may become the 2010 race season plan. The race MUST be longer than it takes to get there. That may kill a couple o-cups off but it's a great guide line.

It's a beautiful day and I've been hiding in the basement trying not to think about the Monday Night crew out riding in Copeland. I'd be out there if I could be so instead of suffering on the thoughts of not being able to ride I did a little rearranging in the basement. Making more room in case I get a new toy or two for next season and don't kill off one or two of the existing ones.

I'm just finishing up crap and about to go battle with south bound traffic coming home from their cottages to meet up with the MNS crew for a BBq, beer and Boccie. Great way to spend the evening.

More tomorrow.

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