Monday, September 28, 2009

More 8 hour stuff

I'm milking the race for things to write. Why? Because I'm still tired!!! After spending the day hobbling around in fear of stairs I was still trying to think of something creative. I ended up drinking beer!!! So I've just got more little highlights of the race to put up.

Peter spent time before and after the race telling me all about his adventures in the states and the great places he was riding and racing. You bastard!!! Now I want to go. I also gave him the full run down on Michigan.

Mark Summers still impresses me every time I see him on a bike. He was hobbling when he finished but he was still smiling and happy. I think the Summers family is the happiest family in Ontario cycling.

The weather, mother nature was awesome!!!! Rainbows and butterflies with trails made of chocolate!!!

Speaking of trails, I have a new dislike for hay. I know they needed to use it on the long downhill to keep things from eroding but I was forced to stop and pull it out of my derailleur multiple times in fear of jamming.

I used every gear on my bike during that race and I needed every single one. Yes I love shifting, I'm good at it, I do it lots. That wonderful click sounds so nice when I see a single speeder grunting it up a climb. I only asked one single speeder if he wanted to buy a derailleur during the race. Come on Jason, you know you want one!!!

The morning of the race I weighed 155.5 lbs after the race I was 157.8lbs. What??? Can you say my hydration and nutrition was perfect. Pretty much have it dialed in now, Infinit is the only way to go. Now the next morning after many, many trips to the washroom during the night I was down to 151.3 lbs. I'm back to 155lbs this morning. Yes I weigh my self more than a 15 year old girl that reads Cosmo.

I'm still sick but I think I pedalled the worst of the cold out of me.

After being anal and staring at the results and lap times, I'm really happy at the pace and consistency of the lap times.

When I lapped Peter I think he even wanted me to beat Steve for the overall. Now if Steve happened to be riding a Misfit instead of a Specialized that was converted to a single speed I think I may have caught a branch in the front wheel when I went passed him. Maybe, maybe not.

I really want the orange jersey that the overall winners of the three 8 hour races got. Orange is the new yellow???

I'm still sore and achy this morning and I'm bailing on the Monday night ride. Normally we would have perfect conditions for it. Rain, thunderstorms, wind and cold but right now I'm really not to interested in playing in that so I'm opting for one more day of rest before I start riding again.

Time to go do the day job. Promise to come up with something more interesting tomorrow.

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