Wednesday, September 2, 2009

no title, can't think of one

Thinking,, thinking. Nothing exciting on the bike front. Hotel is booked can't believe the price difference between here and the states. Starting to look at maps figuring out which way to go, where police hiding places may be, is there a faster way to cross the boarder.

Starting to lay out gear. My OCD side wants to start packing the car now. I'm staring at the weather network daily. Could, would, would we finally have rainbow and butterflies for a 24 hour race this season? Don't we deserve just one??

Riding wise things are starting to trim back. Well all the extra time could be going into a different effort. Mom has started to consider moving. This thought is a little hard on both my sister and I. It's the house that we grew up in, the house my Dad and Mom built to be the family home. Of course it's not our decision. Big family meeting of the three of us in Ottawa this weekend.

Of course the one thing I have not reminded Mom about her thoughts of the move. Don't you remember the hell I went through last year!!!!!!

Another ride tonight, not sure where yet, may take pictures, may draw pictures, may just say I did and ask you to imagine.


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