Tuesday, July 7, 2009

low key

That's about it the last two days. Took yesterday off with a visit to Dr. Bill. Even though I skipped the Monday night single speed ride I did spend some time working on one. More so for tonight's easy ride.

I figured it was best to stay away from gears and with a 34-16 mix that pretty much forces me to spin out the legs when on the roads. Ya road on a mountain bike is boring but very effective. I'm still playing a little damage control from the cramping session on Sunday. Since I normally don't cramp it's a bit of a new thing to deal with. The legs did feel a little sluggish but will probably open up a bit more by tomorrow.

The ride was nothing to exciting, little pavement, little dirt and a little bit of fun.

Played around on some of the rocks along Georgian Bay. Fun just trying to find the line and hit a couple low drop offs. No hucking a 4 foot drop on a carbon hardtail.

Finished up today's ride with some self abuse with the foam roller and the stick. The self inflicted body pain never seems to end. Speaking of abuse. Talked with Heather, one more day of easy rides then the abuse starts up. Buckwallow is pretty much a go. The even remote thought of me racing at the Hardwood summer 8 hour is out the window. Heather took care of that one as I'll be hanging in her pit ding feed for both her and Jason. Cooler full of beer for me??? Maybe!! Camera? For Sure.

The only other big thing happening. The Hot August Nights 24 hour team is set and registered. Some how I ended up playing captain. How, why, are they crazy giving me the power, did this happen. Anyways here is the team. For those of you up to date on the National and Provincial side of racing most of these names will be familiar.

Andrew Watson
Jacob McClelland
Shane Hollingshead
Ben Dawson
Brendan Matheson
Lee Symmes
Scott Irwin
Jeremey Simmons
Colin Scott

Ya the team is a little scary BUT we will be down on the Friday night taking in the Misfit 48 hours dance party and drinking session. We are trying to hook up with Robert Simpsons for some help in hydration. We will be having lots of fun. Just to clear the air we are registered in the Expert division, come on now. There will be no singlespeeds in our site. They will be saved for the Monday after. The whole grand plan is to have fun, drink some beer and get Watson a winner's jersey which considering his racing career he has yet to get in a 24 hour race. Think he has won every other one out there.

Well the tour team time trial is on, way to distracting.


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