Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gnome spotting

After the excitement of last weekend, ok so it wasn't exciting. My friend Erin's car was still sitting up at Buckwallow Cycling Center. The grand plan was established Sunday night on the retrieval. Ride up and get. Ok so it's not the most complex plan but hey it's just cycling not brain surgery.

I'd plotted out the route a few day earlier not knowing I would be heading there for a purpose besides miles. I know I'm a neurotic planner but I normally have a reason for it, this was pure luck. Lee was gung ho for the ride also.

It's been awhile since I've ridden a completely new route so I thought maybe, just maybe I might see some things I normally wouldn't. Yes sir, I was out Madone Gnome spotting. This fabled carbon fiber creature has been hard to find the last couple weeks.

Lee and I headed up a route that I've taken before to Washago. The great perk of the way we were going, zero traffic. We pretty much road side by side the whole time. No pictures of this section. It was flat farm fields, oh and I forgot also.

We rolled over the bridge at the Washago locks and what did we spot enjoying the view.

I can totally understand why he was here. I could almost be tempted to stop biking and start boating. Nah

A quick stop in Washago to top up bottles and energy.

These were not my idea. Doesn't mean I didn't have any.

Headed east on what turned into the nicest section of the ride. Copper's Falls road runs parallel to what else. A river with lots of different waterfalls.

I'm going to plan another ride out this way again just because of this road. Out of the corner of our eye what did we see.

It's the Madone Gnome!!! He was pissed because this is what his former owner traded him in for. It was a pretty sweet ride though. Right down to the John Deere emblem on the hood. We managed to pulled the Madone Gnome away from the car before he tried to slice all the tires. I think he is holding a grudge.

Back out on the road we set a pretty good pace into some great roads.

At this point we had still ridden side by side with no worries and zero traffic. This was right about the time Lee said we haven't' had a car come from behind us for the last 25 minutes. I swear no more than 20 seconds later some idiot in a big ass redneck pickup truck got right up behind us and pulled around right at the last minute. Why?? Just to be an ass!!! Of course two of his buddies were right behind him and one had to crank up his diesel truck as he passed. Hmmm note to self.
Never talk about lack of traffic.

As we got closer to our destination we spotted another strange thing on the side of the road.

Bad oats kicked out by the cows? The left overs from some crop circles? A northern speed bump? Not sure but the Madone Gnome was pretty interested.

We rolled into our destination. Things are a little different in this area. You will never see the normal animal crossing signs. Ever.

Unlike the city dwelling animals, all northern ones ride bikes.

Lee attempts to imitate. I'm not sure how efficient that position is going into the wind?

Down time now for the 40 minute drive home. Erin could you please fix your radio? We watched it scan for a radio station for a steady minute with no success. We are north but not that north.

It was a great route and I recommend it to anyone. Just under 3 hours for the 89 km. Well it's off to work.


Andy said...

i hated this entire post, start to finish,

MadoneGnome said...

I liked it Matt.

scott said...

i thought this was very clever. i enjoyed it for the most part i would appreciate it if you didnt make fun of my future vehicle though that car is pretty badass and thats probably all i will be able to afford.