Friday, July 24, 2009

No title just words

I stared at the big black rain clouds outside , I stared at the boring trainer inside . I stared at the big comfy couch in the living room. Rest day!!! I was dragging my but yesterday morning so it was probably a good thing.

The last few days I have been rudely awake at 3-4 am by my cat who is coming in from a bender. She is 12, so what is that in cat year 85 ish?? Shouldn't she be pushing a walker around and talking about the past not going out on all night benders??

I'm hoping the weather is a little more willing tonight for a ride. As for the weekend. I'll be at the Hardwood 8 Hour in my coaches tent feed her and Jason bottles and food. Looks like it's going to be a very interesting race for them weather wise. It's right on par with the season to date. They may need to widen the trails so so riders can have umbrellas on their heads and pontoons on their bikes. I can't remember this many races in a row where rain has been an issue.

Gotta run

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