Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sketchy bikes and riders

The infamous Monday Night Something has come again. The weather was right on the edge of agreeable. One of the challenges is coming out with the coolest singlespeed you can. With have the crew working at bike shops some of the bikes showing up are pretty interesting to say the least. Tristan stepped things up this week.

Yes that is a carbon spinergy front wheel and that is a retro carbon front suspension fork. Apparently it rides really well.

That's mounted to a Giant XTC. Could that be a 2010 prototype?? I hope not. Check out the wheelbase on it.

A few slide outs and the Molly Monster set up Jacob for a crash. Not sure what he said to her but she forced him over the bars. I wonder if he called her fat?? She is sensitive. A great ride and it was used as prep work for the 24 hour Hot August Nights team. This meant the apres beer. Yes we plan on having a few of these on that particular weekend.

I did manage to get a spy photo of the bike in question that got Andrew in trouble with the WWSSWC. Go here to learn more.

It's back to serious riding again. Still have the rest of this week with no real training schedule but I'll start adding in more miles. It's only halfway through the season, lots of racing left. More coffee, then off to work.



the original big ring said...

Matty - you heading to the Marathon this weekend?


Tammy said...

i'm glad you titled this post 'sketchy bikes and riders'. i have been told by my students that sketchy no longer means what it used to and i get weird looks when i use it. i say we take back the word, like in the good old days, where gay meant happy :-))