Sunday, June 14, 2009

24 hour of Summer Solstice preride

Woke up dragging my but this morning. Back was not happy, legs were tight, throat felt a little scratchy. The landscaping project that I started a couple weeks back went full force yesterday afternoon. I had this in the plans of holidays. Dam real world stuff that needs to be done sometimes.

Took a little longer than planned to head to Albion. Was up early enough to say bye to Tanya and Craig who used my place as a hotel. They were on route for round two of the Ontario Marathon series.

Finally got moving and started my trip south about 9:30. It was already to warm for me to bring the Molly Monster. She was not impressed when I said no. When I say warm, after this spring I swear anything double digits almost feels hot.

Rolled into Albion about 10:30. It was very busy, everyone had the same idea of getting a few laps in. My back was feeling a bit better at this point and I headed out for lap one. Took things pretty mellow to get the legs feeling happy. It wasn't very long before I hit the first singletrack section. Nothing new, I was watching my watch a lot to gauge times. The first 15 minutes has a lot of singletrack. Not many places to drink. HMMM.

Went past the lake and up the start of the Ontario Cup but half way up the hill it's back in the trails. Lots of fast sections and still nothing that I have yet to see. There is a good chunk of the O-Cup course in this time. With the chance of rain this will be good because this was the section that was awesome, not the mud fest grab a bike section.

Crossed the out and back bridge to a great section of singletrack. The notorious beach sand climb leading into it has been changed. It's now a switchback beach sand climb. Actually it's not much of a climb anymore. This whole time I had a smile on my face.

Now after checking out the course map on Chico's website they had something called the Mario Andretti doubletrack. So the first thing that comes to mind for me is my big ring. Ya well I swear the two hardest corners are in this section. One is a slightly rooty turn to the right that will most defiently take a couple riders out. The other is a hard right turn with a slight up hill. The first time through I'm pushing some big gears when I'm forced to slam on my brakes before hugging a cedar. Of course then I can't get moving sitting in a 44-15. Second lap I nailed the line. If it's wet there will be people going down on this also.

The course was very very dry, all excepted where the mud bog crossing for the final hour is located. The bypass is unridable. I'm sure Adam and Sean will think of something.

The second lap I picked up the pace to just below what I will be riding at next weekend. Lets just say that this course is very very fast. I can see who ever wins pushing for 24 laps with out a problem. It's a great course, fast and fun, Enough technical to make you actually need to be able to ride a bike. Climbing isn't killer or it didn't feel that way, Lots of punchy climbs and false flats. The things I like.

Finished up and headed home, a little time with the foam roller and the stick and my back and legs are feeling great. I see Dr. Bill tomorrow and he will pop anything else out of whack back to where it supposed to be.

Alright, I have a dog that is ready to eat the house if I don't get her out for a walk, then it's clean the bikes. Heading out to the pub with the crew tonight to celebrate Jacob's birthday. Sunday night pub night, awww how I love holidays.


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