Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Better late than never

My Canada Cup legs are starting to finally show up. Ya took them long enough. Had a great ride with the boys on the Monday Night Something. The weather completely disagreed and became nice. Part of the deal with this ride is that it goes rain or shine or snow or tornado etc. Well it was raining when I left the house and it was cold. By the time I hit the parking lot it was down right nice out.

Last night was an endurance ride with a mix of long rollers on Vasey line and long flats on the return loop. Made my way towards the local Tuesday night TT. I missed the starts but road the course and did the wave to everyone out there.

Time is flying, Summer Solstice is almost here. One thing that set me off on how close things really are. Heather has words like MAX included in all the hard workouts. I'm not arguing, just riding. Every long race my legs have felt great. I just hope the legs don't decide to be stubborn and show up late otherwise I may start the 24 hour a day early. Yep they are a diesels but that is a good thing.

Competitor news. Still don't know many of the racers this year. Lots of wild cards. Erik will be watched closely. As for Peter and Tom. After seeing them on Sunday I'm pretty sure that Peter is trying to kill Tom. If he blows him up early enough in the race he'll have someone to take down all the tents before he is done.

More coffee, work, ride, sleep, repeat


Peter Keiller said...

Your mom called.
She wants to be my support crew.

Anonymous said...

Statistically speaking (Solstice 08) wouldn't you be more likely to blow up?