Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally agreed

I think the weather could finally be on the up and up. From now on it should be rainbows and butterflies during races. Why??? Because we finally got the right weather for the Monday night ride. It poured rain the whole ride. Perfect.

This whole spring every Monday the weather has been amazing and every race has been cold or wet. Well Sunday was right and Monday was perfect. Small group this week with it being only Andrew, Jacob, Jeremy and myself. Oh and of course the Molly Monster. One of the guys used some B.S. excuse that he had to clean his bike. What do you think the rain would do?

There were no intense passes, no short tracking the course for position (Molly excluded). Now just as we were getting ready to start at 8 I looked at the boys, are you not bringing lights??? No No No it stays bright way past. Alright, I'm bringing mine. Jeremy also felt the same. It's about 8:45, we are in the hardwood sections, it's very dark. Double click, hey look at that, I can see again. Kinda glad I brought my light.

Now the bone head thing, I'm able to see Andrew and Jacob are pretty much riding by using the force. Sorry my jedi skills are a little out of whack to night so vision is needed. Coming around a corner, next thing I know I'm looking like a 3rd rate baseball player trying to slide into second. Ok so I'm the only one that could see and I'm the one that smokes at stump. I'm using the excuse that it was hidden under leaves. If you saw the trail I think you would give me a little break and agree. The over growth since the last ride at the 7th/8th line was huge.

Of course my euro gloves and arm bands (white) had great pin striping now. Ride finished up the right way, beer and stories from former events. I did get to run the lights a bit, the count down has begun for Solstice.

Time to do the day job.

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Andy said...

Let the force flow through you, feel the trail, You will learn young one.