Tuesday, June 23, 2009

one more day of thoughton the 24-12 hours

Of course you have 20-20 in hindsight. I goofed. When info started coming in about the race we should have sent someone down to the timing tent and found out the right info not 2nd and 3rd hand. Everything we heard was always different from the next round of info. So in the end shit happens, it's just a race. It was fun, kinda.

Went out of the Monday Night crew for an easy ride. It did stay easy which was good. Some talks about the race came up along with talks of Andrew's Canada Cup. Good times followed by a beer.

The quote of the ride was from Andrew. Almost everyone was following the rules and on single speeds, I was sorta give a pass and was on my Anthem and Mr Watson was on his EXC. Yes it had gears. A short steep sandy climb and Tammy is battling on her single speed and calls out "I can't make it" Andrew says "did I just hear the word can't on a climb???" as he clicks a couple gears easier and spins an easy gear past her. Sorry buddy but it had to be told.

On my training front, talked with Heather for an hour yesterday about the race, the plans for the rest of the season etc etc. I have a no training regiment for the next two weeks. That doesn't mean sitting on my ass eating potato chips and bon bons. Surprisingly my legs feel pretty good during the ride but my shoulders are pretty trashed and need some time. It's going to be a mix of fun trail rides and some touring road rides. Of course this is after tomorrow nights unofficial race.

The underground single speed world championships are tomorrow night at Hardwood Ski and Bike. No spandex,wear a t-shirt and baggy's. All are welcome. If you are close enough get up there for the 7 pm start.

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