Monday, June 1, 2009

videos from CC

If you look close you can see snowflakes the odd time.

Pro Men Start. Notice that only Derek is able to fit beside Andrew's elbow's Excuse me, Pardon me.

The crazy start of the Junior Men. Twice as fast out of the gate. These kids have something to prove. Or they are just crazy.

Pro Women, of course Emily Batty is at the front. Not sure what happen to the two that went down but there was a lot of tire rubbing in all the starts.

A couple links to bone shaker. I'm in two of them. Fast and smooth on race day, to bad going up didn't feel like that.

You can hear Shane being a smart ass squawking out something about a old age home. You will get old too someday.


Anonymous said...

that last rider down looked like Anna from Tall Trees here in Ottawa

Matt Spak said...

It was a woman from Tall Trees.

Dave Harding said...

That rider-down on the Bone Shaker in that video was me (824). Left crank arm clipped a rock and down I went. Thankfully it was not a bad crash at all, and I didn't hold ya up.