Thursday, June 4, 2009

Helping out a competitor

Miles are trimming back, legs are feeling not to bad. After a little disappointment in the performance at Canada Cup I had a nice reminder of what I'm training for and where the engine lies. Ran the Big Chute loop nearly 10 minutes faster than my last time around. Diesel Power.

I'm almost stunned on how quick the race season has gone by. Heading to London this weekend. It's been years since I've been there. Last time was for the Battery Burner 12 hour. It was one of my first long races. I think I finished 5th. I'm looking forward to the mini vacation. Ok a couple days away from the house.

Tonight was a mixed ride. Headed out on some nice rollers.

Finally stripped off the arm and knee warmers.

It is June, it's supposed to be warm. Good ride.

My favorite taunter posted a comment on my last post.

Peter Keiller said...
Your mom called.
She wants to be my support crew.

Peter, I did talk to Mom. She is the best support crew around. She is so organized, setting up lap times, bike swaps, light burn times, food intake etc. She also know how to motivate a rider "get the F#

She said she would come over and help you. The first thing that she thought that would really help you and your team but more so every other rider racing would be to put this sign in front of the MISFIT tent. This will just forewarn everyone that someone could possibly,maybe come out that tent at anytime and you may be forced to brake.

The next comment came in just afterwards

Anonymous said...
Statistically speaking (Solstice 08) wouldn't you be more likely to blow up?

Pretty sure this is one of Peter's team member's. First thing, STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!!! If you continue on this path of only looking backwards you will eventually be found in Tim Horton's on a Friday night sitting in your chair 150lbs over weight drinking bad coffee shoving a maple dip in your mouth saying "do you remember back in 2008 this happened."

Enough of this, time to get the Anthem ready for this weekend.


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