Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rest and relaxation??? Going to try

That's it I quit, for a week at least. A week away from the daily grind. A week of trying not to take on a major yard project. A week of not looking at my bikes saying to me lets go for a really really long ride. A week of saving my legs for next weekend.

Holidays mean I can stay up a little later, sleep in a little longer. No alarm clocks etc. I fell asleep at 9pm last night and woke up at 5am. I suck at following the holiday rules. The extra cup of coffee works though.

Random thought time.

Could Mother Nature finally be in a good mood??? This weeks weather looks perfect, sun mid 20's. The weather for the 24 hour is looking good so far also. Could the planets be coming into alignment?

My favorite taunter had some thoughts about this weekends visit from Big Ring and the Vegan Vagabound. Peter found out about the visit and got dressed up in his bestest hoping to receive an invite.
After 3 days of staring at his inbox waiting he gave up and started the retaliation. His attempt to bring up the past and bring me down with old memories of last season won't work. I used up all my excuses last year so I have no options left except to just keep pedalling, passed you.

It must be lonely being a dictator of a self proclaimed empire. I think this says it all.

I'm off to Mountainview Ski and Bike shortly to help run a skills camp for the cycling club this morning. Yes, I do have skills, not sure if they are related to a bike. I do make good coffee though. Speaking of coffee, time for more.


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