Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ontario Cup # 4 Boler Mountain London

Just get in the car and keep driving. Do you know how hard that is for someone like me??? I'm a busy body. Plus as much as the seats in the wagon are amazing I still get bouncy and shifty after a few hours. Besides that the trip to London was uneventful.

Got to Boler Mountin (Boler Bump) just after three on Saturday. Someone stuck a ski hill right in the middle of London. Did a very very easy pre ride of the course. I swear it is the exact same course from the Battery Burner 12 hour I did 4 years ago. It's not like there are many other trails that can be added though. Nothing much in the technical side. Lots of short punchy climbs, a couple false flats and lots of rutted up double track sections on the top. Oh and beach sand, lots of beach sand, no water though.

Did the treat for me hotel room, I actually called when I got reservations to make sure they didn't mind a bike going in the room. Good dinner and did what I normally do on a Saturday night. Fall asleep on the couch at 8 while watching a movie, wake up 2 hours later in a mild haze then go to bed.

The morning of started out way out of whack. First up, crap coffee. Well it was hot at least. Now the one good thing and the first thing I did when I woke up was look outside. Ummm is that water on the road or is it just early still. Nope no rain. Predictions of heavy rain and a chance of thundershower for the day. Great. The rain held off, the sun came out.

So the next crap thing was a really poor excuse for a breakfast. Complete gap out on bringing a cooler filled with my good breakfast stuff. Thought 2 was to find a good breakfast place for pancakes or something. Nope, who would have thought nothing would be open just after 8 on a Sunday. The next thing that I now regret was not stopping at Starbucks. I saw it, I smelt it, I looked at the no stopping signs. It's not like I'm one to never ever possibly, maybe, wouldn't think twice about it break a driving law. For some strange reason I had a conscious at 8am.

I had a reminder why I don't eat fast food, Tim Hortons coffee, Sorry for those that I am about to offend. It's CRAP and the sandwiches are not much better. Great pre race meal. I wasn't sure if I would regret my decision for this meal choice or not later in the day.

Ok onto the race. I had a great warm up. About 10 times longer than last weeks. Perfect. First thing I noticed though. It's warm out. Really warm out. It's almost hot. No knee bands, no under shirt, no arm bands. I feel light?? Maybe not.

Rolled into the start coral, Did the long wait etc etc. Go time. I had a pretty good start, I think I was in the top 10 after the first few climbs. I kept thinking be restraint. I wasn't feeling 100 percent for energy. I held on for a while then dropped a few places. Nothing out of the norm for me. Most of the first lap was spent just keeping position. Came though the feed feeling not to bad. Did a 24 minute lap.

Lap 2 turned to the shit's for me. I found myself finding it hard to get that deep down to the bottom of the lungs breath in. I noticed it a bit on my warm up, I'll be mentioning it to Heather. I also felt the heat hit me a bit. It hit me hard by the half way mark I felt my body yell at me. I slammed on the brakes a little. My legs felt fine but the rest of me just felt off. I could taste the beer I had on Friday night. We won't go there. I'm not sure if it was the heat and humidity, it's not like we have had much or the late night a couple days back. the questinoable breakfast or another factor. Either way it didn'nt feel right riding at the limit.

I came very close to packing it in for the day. Then the brain just screamed training ride!!!, 24 hour pace!! Don't think just pedal. And that is what I did. Hit the Double track on the top and started to recover. I dropped my intensity about 5 percent and instantly felt better. Lap 2 was at the top end of 26 minutes. Lap three and four 26:15

The next two laps I started to work my strengths and control my weakness and ride what I have been getting my body ready for. My last two laps were identical, my body and legs felt amazing, I could have stayed at that pace forever, ok maybe for 24 hours. I came through the feed zone on my last lap which was about 3 minutes from the finish standing in the big ring with lots of leg left in me.

Finished 12th today. There was a small pack 15 seconds ahead of me. This is the first time in an Ocup that I wish I had another lap. I found my happy pace which is about 10 percent bellow my top end. Perfect. One more time around and I may have pulled another rider or two back in.

After the post race stuff a few of the crew headed out for some dinner. A few beers drank, stories told, food ate. Congratulations to Andrew, 2nd today in Elite. Not bad considering the drag that that shady looking moustache is creating. Shane pulled top 20 in Elite, Lee was 5th in our division but was far from a happy guy.

I feel bad for the poor waitress, some of the conversations that she kept showing up and hearing must have scared her away from ever wanting to ride a bike. I think the one of Brandon still in his bikes shorts 6 hours after he finished racing was the worst. We have double dogged dared him to keep them on until tomorrow nights ride. I'm glad I'm faster than him because there is no way I want to follow.

Thoughts right now on the Marathon race for next weekend, the full marathon is out. No questions about it. It was out a couple weeks ago. Right now the thought is on the half or maybe spending the time down at Albion riding the 24 hour course a couple times. To early to think, ok wait its to late to think.

Time to crash and burn,


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Sunday lets go ride albion.