Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I wanna be a downhiller when I grow up

Just another fun night with the Monday Night Something crew. Perfect conditions brought out everyone out of the woodwork. Most of our Hot August Nights team was there. I was given the get out singlespeed free pass for this week I brought out one of the Anthem's. Partly to save my legs but more I want to get any shifting quirks taken care of and get the final suspension setup figured out. I'll be running the suspension a little softer this weekend. Pretty self explanatory.

It was pretty tame ride with lots of stopping and screwing around. Of course this meant watching a bunch of XC racers attempt to be freeriders.

Mr. Watson redeemed himself on the second attempt and showed why he is the National XC points leader. Could he go after the Red Bull Rampage title after National XC Championships??

I doubt it!!!! Hucking a double??? Nope. I think Norco will keep him away from the 9 inch travel bikes for a while. He is getting the lingo though.

Of course what's a ride with out hitting jumps. You'll see the Molly Monster, she missed the line unfortunately. I think she didn't want to show us up by doing a barrel roll superman seat grab. If you look closely you'll see Jacob attempt to unclip and one footer it. Ya, I agree.

Fun night, rolled back in just before lights were needed. Like last week only a couple actually brought them. I opted to leave mine in the car. After last weeks bail I figured I didn't want to jinx things and try that ride by feel theory tonight . No crashes this week.

Legs are feeling good. Had a great tune up from Dr. Bill earlier in the day. Not much riding to do this week but I am out today for a couple hours. Have yet to decide where and when but the weather is looking perfect for something on dirt. May as well enjoy the sun when I can, it's looking questionable for this weekend. Mother Nature hates me.

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