Monday, June 22, 2009


Random thoughts

Cross bike would have been sweet. A lot easier to shoulder.

Running the Infinti was perfect. the only problem was the lap times were longer so getting the calories in was a bit harder. I couldn't even imagine trying to eat gels or real food out on the course.

Shutting the course down was the right call, the trail was beaten up.

I was totally unprepared for a shorter race. No tent, sleeping bag, etc. There was no need for it at a 24 hour so why bring it. Unfortunately that meant sleeping in the car which caused more aches than the race.

I had know idea an XTR derailleur was so expensive.

I should have brought more beer. One beer for the morning after was not enough when you start the night before.

The weatherman are no match to Mother Nature. Their poor excuse of voodoo predictions should always be ignored.

My pre race lap times on the original course were 51 minutes.

This race reminded me of the 60km race from a few years back in Collingwood. The drag a bike through 3 stage.


Anonymous said...

I was at the the 3-stage race as well. Couldn't imagine much worse than that... but looking at some of the pics from this, looks like worse?

mysty said...

ahh yes the glorious 3 stage race... I remember pictures... I remember tales... I wasn't there, but felt like I