Thursday, June 11, 2009

coming together

Alright, I'll admit it. I'm getting a little bit excited. Solstice is only a little more than a week away. Things are coming together, bikes are running awesome, body is feeling better everyday, knees feel good. It's strange though that I'm calmer than I ever been before a race. This whole season I have been pretty low key going into every event, why?? Don't know.

My 24 hour care package from INFINIT came in yesterday. It's filled with liquid power.

Not liquid courage.

I'm pretty happy with the fuel mix I've designed, I've had good results with it on long rides and races. I can't believe how simple it is when it comes to fueling for the race, no major shopping spree buying things that I think I might want to eat. It's done in the bottle.

I'm still on the bike but intensity is down, time is down, etc etc. Made my way over to my old town by way of rail trail yesterday. Not exactly single track but better than riding the road the whole time.

The road bike will be on vacation till after Solstice. Now on my return back home I spotted something. I wasn't sure at first.


I know his focus will be on trying to bring down the Big Ring this weekend at the Mansfield Marathon but as of Monday. He even cancelled his dance, I'm hoping he saves some legs for next weekend.


Peter Keiller said...

you may have your mythology was a tortoise and NOT a turtle that lapped the hare while he lay there...

and 'SAVE SOME LEGS'...pffft...i'll be riding and riding some more until the gun goes off...

i wouldn't have it any other way.

mysty said...

you know eh? how dare he cancel the Dance Party - I was ready to roll with my sequins shorts...

Matt, liking the new blog format... keep it up. See you at Solstice... I can't beleive I am doing it!

Matt Spak said...

But I think a turtl is a little faster than the tourtise and in my story the turtle gets passed multipule times. Hey this is my story.