Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My world right now feels like that. The basement is just organized piles every where I look.

I look at what I'm packing and once in the bin it's pretty minimal

Even tent crap is less than normal.

Why might you ask. Normally I stay down Friday night and camp, this year with the house only an hour away I've opted to sleep in my own bed and be woken up by birds at 5am instead of the notorius train at 4 am. Even with ear plugs I can't sleep through it. I'm also going to get a good breakfast cooked at home.

I'm sharing a site with my brother in law again this year which means split duties on site equipment. Of course we will do our little round of smack talk before the race.

Both Anthem's are ready to roll. I'm pretty much ready to pack everything up. Just waiting on the new race kits' which are supposed to be ready tomorrow. Fingers are crossed.

My other pile seems to be sleep. I've had two hour naps every afternoon this week. I'm going to have a hard time going back to work if this trend continues. It's all good since it's hard for me to shut off that internal alarm clock that goes off at 6am. Oh did I mention the birds. Yes those 5 am birds. What time do they start drinking coffee to be that wound up at that time???

I've stopped looking at the weather since both sites seem to conflict each other. I think it's going to be one of those look outside Saturday morning to know what the weather is doing.

Nap time.


Peter Keiller said...

that's a lot of shite have me thinking.

i mean i'm bringing;

8 bottles full plus 10L
Jug Perpetuem
Jug Heed
10 Hammer bar
3 pb&j's
1 light, 2 batteries
1 bike
and the crap i have on my back at noon

a tent? change of clothes?
sounds like you already surrendered...

Anonymous said...

Kick Peter's ass Matt!!! He cancelled the dance party - he has it coming!

Matt Spak said...

If I could get the kitchen sink in the car I would!!!

i'll be honest, I'm going to miss the dance party also. Guess it means I'm just going to have to make up songs every lap instead of having some 70's trippy music trapped in there

Anonymous said...

I'm sure him and Big Ring will be having a little dance party of their own. They have a "bromance" going on, after all.