Sunday, June 28, 2009

Double Double

Not the coffee but that was the ride agenda for yesterday. First up was a few hours around the big chute with Watson. We set out a little later than than I though since Andrew showed up a little later than thought, he used some head wind line as the reason.

The ride up to the chute was pretty uneventful. Steady pace in the low 30's not to much traffic which meant side by side riding. When we came into the chute we saw a fleet of amphibian-cars. We just missed them coming out of the water. It's pretty cool seeing these things.

There were 7-8 of them. No more than a minute later there were a at least 20 old British sports cars coming into the chute. It was one of those perfect days that everyone was out touring.

Just as we came into Severn Falls the next pack of old cars came by. Unfortunately I was a little to slow with the camera. Back out into the flats I got a little taste of the wind, still not that bad.

The one thing about the Big Chute loop is the variety that is packed in such a short distance. In the 68 km loop there are fast rolling roads, short punch climbs, long open flats etc etc. Same with scenery between cottage areas on small lakes to farm fields. I never get bored of this ride.

The next pack of people touring happen to be triathletes. I apologize now for those I'm about to offend. Why are you even bothering riding together??? They don't pack ride. It was funny seeing them spread out to stay out of each other's draft while being in the areo bars. To far apart to hold a conversation, to close together that people know its a group. We were tempted to spin around catch the pack and start up a conversation while sitting up straight. I train alone a lot but when I'm in a group ride I want to actually be in the group ride.

Finsihed with the climb up Vasey line before turning north towards home, Andrew still had about 1.5 hours left to get back to Barrie. It was a great ride. I finished up with 2.5 hours and 80 km. My day was just getting started. Quick clean up and it was off to the lumber yard, again. I've cleaned one of the local build center's out of mini ties and I'm attempting my second. A couple hours spent on the frame work. The dump trucks of fill come this week. Getting closer. I was under the gun to get things done because of the text from my coach.

I don't get to see her to often since her move to Milton but she was heading north to teach a skills camp on Sunday so the chance to go for a ride is something I can't turn down. The plan, get the Molly Monster out for a good run, see how the shoulder feels on the mountain bike and just have fun.

We met up at the 8th line grid where Molly started to get wired as soon as she saw Heather's car. Of course the surprise when a little Australian Sheppard bounced out of the back seat. Heather and Jason's new child. Maggie did great on the ride. She still has to learn a little trail etiquette, like not coming to a dead stop n the middle of the pack just because.

The pace was pretty low key keeping it in low zone 2.

Of course what is a good day of riding without a meal that you don't have to cook. A trip to Kelsy's patio where the beer was cold and the waitress was great getting the dogs water and a big plate of vegetables. Maggie was spoiled and got the chicken fingers off the kids meal.

Today is going to be low key, a little more work on the yard but the rain is going to set in so I'm thinking a comfy afternoon on my ass watching a couple movies in the sunroom. I haven't done that in a while.

I'm pretty happy with where my legs are at. Considering I'm supposed to be toasted from last weeks 24 hour, ok 12 hours of mountain biking, ok 12 hours of pushing my bike. My legs are feeling really strong. Could there be an event added in the next couple weeks. Maybe.


Andy said...

first off, i said 10-10:30 ish. i was there at like 10:45 my bad. and yes there was a headwind, and theres some good climbing on the way out.

Matt Spak said...

Defensive Mr Watson???? I was still wondering about that headwind. I will give you the hills though. It was a great ride though.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's from all that walking and sitting by the campfire that has made your legs so strong