Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm not dead

I've just been on a holiday. Vacation time came right when I needed it, both from the bike and the company. So what have I been doing you may ask, I've been working, first up was painting the house. Two days on a later in the heat pretty much killed me but I kept motoring along with many other "need to get done".

The checklist got smaller and my play time increased.

This means, surprise surprise, I started to ride. Two back to back 2.5 hour road rides, each with some company. Some solid climbing in Oro,some tired legs afterward.

That's when it really set in, Saturday morning. It was hot already,I had a short idea of my ride which changed only a few minutes into it. I felt good, I smiled. Headed out on the 29er for a mixed ride of pavement, gravel and atv trails. After 2.5 hours of Oro hills I found myself riding past the house right around the perfect time, not to stop but to refuel and continue along. No stopping me this day, I was in a zone.

Made my way to the south side of the wye marsh, as I turned in I knew there was no slowing down. The deer flies were violent. I'd come across them a few times earlier in the ride but was able to keep the pace fairly high, here in almost singletrack like conditions they got their chance to feed. I shortened up my visit to the marsh. Some time later as the clock rolled past the 4 hour mark I rolled down my driveway. The temptation to continue going was there, I do believe there will be more of these rides.

Finished up the day with this.

Last day of holidays, a few more things to be done today,ride tonight. Am I training again? Yes and no, will I be faster? Hopefully. The next run of Ontario cups are technically harder, to my benefit, if I can get my fitness up in the next few weeks I might be able to move myself closer to the goal of a couple top 10 finishes. I don't feel it's an unrealistic goal, I'm just looking forward to the rides.

Working with a new program, hopefully it works better,more photos, multipule paragraphs, etc etc.

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