Monday, May 28, 2012

Still hold firm to my opinion

A few rides this week but it all topped out with my ride in the big backyard. A three hour tour was planned, the same luck that gilagan had chased me into the forest. Easy smooth pace, legs feeling good on the climbs, I just enjoyed rolling along. As I made my way farther away from the car, at this point about 25 minutes of lefts and rights, I felt a change. That change was a drifting back end. A blast with the pump, I see the small hole, it's not sealing. Spin the wheel again, still not sealing, it's flat. Of course I don't have extra air or a real pump, that's just silliness. The walk back begins, walking lasted for about 10 minutes and then the Mosquitos seem to realize I was there, I begin to run a little, my feet hurt. Off come the shoes, carbon soled shoes are just not designed to run more than 20 feet in, the bugs increase, I run faster. I'm still a firm believer that running should only be done when it's of survival mode which this was. 35 minutes later I was back at the car with sore feet and knees. A nap was needed. MNS ride with extra time planned.

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