Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just checking things out

Still can't sort out the paragraph proble, feeling there is some app I need now to solve it, maybe by the weekend. Made my way to hardwood for a Mini world cup race, that was the secondary reason. The main reason was to check out the Canada Cup course now that it's marked and to also see if I still liked my little wheeled dualie. It took a few minutes to get used to the slight movement of the suspension, I spent the tour of the CC course debating with user on what bike will be better. I do still like the squish, I also love my big wheels. As for the course, for a 29er, there are a couple tight spots out there and of course the roots made me question the hardtail. I think there really isn't a dramatic advantage to either on this one. It's a good course though, it seemed really long but lap times was equal to any other event. There is just a lot of stuff, it's a mentally tiring course where one mistake will have you dead stopped. Climbing was about normal for Hardwood, lots of short steep punches, the climb I hated is in again at the second feed/tech zone. Bone shaker seems a little more manicured again this year. Fnished up with the usual chase the little kids that have gotten even faster this year, around serious. Legs hurt, still sore. Older age, I guess I don't feel to bad getting beaten by someone half my age. Looking like a great weekend for some big miles. Two weeks of solid training, should be good. Oh, I'll probably end up racing the 2-9 for the Canada Cup. Probably.

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