Monday, May 7, 2012

interclub road race

How often do you get blown for 5 dollars. Opps I meant blown up. Manned up and headed down to the first interclub road race yesterday, I figured I better try and fast track my fitness back to a higher level and doing something that I'm not good at, sustained top end power for a long time. No coasting for this guy on this day. Did the brave/stupid thing and signed up for group 5, the fastest group. First lap turned into a manic surge, yet another thing I'm not good at. Pace was high, watched numbers on the power tap shaking my head. 800 watts, 200, 800. I won't sustain this for long, and I didn't. Got blown off the back 2/3 through the first lap but I want alone. Tristan and another yong rider were off with me. A short time later it was just T and I, no backing down. The next four lap we worked together with T doing much 60 plus percent of the pace setting. We picked up a ride, then another staying steady till the last lap were T picked it up a bit more, I was behind the extra rider and couldn't regain the gap. Finshed, content, good training day. I suffered and suffered hard but loved every minute of it. Thefirst day of the return to being me. So why is that last comment there, well some major life changes. Some have heard, Shannon and I have split up. To say its been a bit of a rough go is an understatement, a major reason for me shutting down at the first o cup. For that guy who made the stupid comment on my ocup post, feel like and ass yet? Things havent been good for the last couple months and finally came to a head. Will be happy again,that's important, will be training properly again also. Looking forward to Woodnewton to see where I'm at. Time for coffee, have a bit of a hangover to deal with,last one for a while. Detox time.

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