Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Following the fad

With the strange winter I must admit that finding fun and exciting adventures to write about are limited at this time. What did I do, I rode the hamster wheel, woo hooo, so exciting. A looked out side at the monsoon and must admit that I didn't mind it. AWI must stop venting about the weather, just take it as it comes. We did get out for a great snowshoe on Monday night. Again the pack was in aww of Deathmarch Liz.

With the new challenge of no headlamps she stilll managed to lead us around for an hour, randomly slowing allowing us to catch her. Some how again she had us return 5 feet from where we started. How does she do it? Inquiring minds need to know.

Another minor change, my ride. I'll still be on the Anthem for most races but I'm looking at drinking the Kool-Aid. Up for grabs is my Blue carbon Hardtail. I'm looking at getting one of those big wheel bikes. A few thoughts of what brand, 3 options right now. Back to the Blue, XTR drivetrain, manitou carbon fork etc, etc. $1450. If your interested email for more details. I like grape Kool-Aid.

Play day today, Getting some day time two plank snow play with Shannon this afternoon. Graviity can be fun.

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