Tuesday, January 3, 2012

triple header

My best advice for many that don't like winter, just embrace it. It's not that bad. Being the last day before the grind return we took full advantage of it in the not so prestine condition. To say it blew was a close description. Regardless we headed into the woods in the morning for a classic ski. I do remember why they make touring skis and from time to time I wish I had a pair. We played in a area that was far from groomed and track set. Good stability muscle workout, not bad on the cardio side of it also. Some where between an hour and a half to two hours of sliding, it was fantastic once we were in the woods.

Next up, gravity sliding. This time it was on the single plank. It's been along time since I've been on a snowboard, let alone a carving board. After a hiccup on foot position setup I finished up the short trip to Blue linking turns and starting to bring back yet another side of my previous life. Shannon enjoyed the change of rolls with it her waiting for me at the bottom, she has her doubts that it will last very long. I agree. It won't be long before I'm back to leaving a deep carved rut in the snow, I can't wait.

The shortened trip to the Blue was caused by the slightly sketchy driving conditions and we had a place to be. It was the first non riding MNS and we needed to be there. We couldn't let Deathmarch Liz down and it finished out the triple header. A romp around Copeland forest for the usual hour, the pace, like usual, fast. Mr Watson took of someone else's roll and was late and used some lame excuse which didn't cut it. Again it was wonderful in the woods and was topped off with a clear sky with a moon bright enough that headlamps werent needed.

Let the winter begin

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