Monday, January 23, 2012


The weekend that many have been waiting for, well at least everyone who loves winter. Conditions were perfect for just about eveything and I couldn't not take advantage it. Weapon of choice, slippery sticks, destination of choice, Georgian Bay. Calm winds, warming sun, a skim of snow on the almost perfect ice. How could you not. Shannon got her first skate ski lesson, it was limited as my teaching ability is a little limited when it comes to skating.

It seems that everyone has been waiting for this day, ice huts were buzzing with activity, snowmobiles were everywhere, the bay was the place of choice. The dogs loved it also, running around like lunatics a km off shore. Good first time out for Shannon, an hour and a half of slipping and sliding but near the end she was finding her grove. I was craving more though. After a responsibility filled break I found myself back out on the bay at 3:30. The thoughts of riding my bike crossed my mind but then the reality kicked in, it's been crap all winter, I better get some miles in out her now because it might not be her tomorrow. Another 1.5 hours of slide and glide around the west side. Watched the sun drop in the background, a perfect day.

Hopefully a few more days like that will happen before spring appears.

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