Monday, January 16, 2012


The weekend has come and gone and some of my grand master plan for the winter have come and failed. My plan to not ride the hamster wheel from hell. Well after a fun evening of powder playing, skiing folks, stick to the legal side of life and yes there was actually powder up at Blue on Friday evening. Saturday morning came and a glance at the thermometer had me shaking my head, in doubt I checked two weather sites. Yep it's really that cold out.

There was no hesitation in my decision to strap myself into the padded room ride of boredom. Of course someone had to show me how unmanly my decision was and road outside this weekend. I've had that wonderful feeling of thawing feet, I'll stick to my choice. What did happen was the first structured workout of 2012. There was controlled wattage for specific times, nothing crazy, not yet at least.

Still lots of time for winter to show up, feeling that I may need to get my Anthem built up sooner than later though. Pretty sure there are more than a few places just to the south where trails could be ridden.

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