Sunday, January 1, 2012

multipule attempts

The day was filled with repeated attempts to make myself sick. Some more enjoyable than others and all of them have me moving a little slower this first day of 2012. Yes I'm hungover, yes old age is kicking in and I can't do things the way I used to. No I didn't get sick, my better attempt at vomiting happened 10 hours earlier.

I should have thought about my decision to go for a skate ski a little more, I should have brought my classics as back up. With my body already tired and sore from the 2.5 hour ski with Shannon and the dogs Why did I think that skating was a good idea. I have snow fever, it's a rare Canadian disease that is only cured by snow blowing a long driveways and digging out a stuck car. Looks like I'm in trouble for a while. So skipping my better judgement I headed to Hardwood hoping for some nicely groomed terrain. After a brisk walk from the car as a warm up, yes that's a slow paced stroll, I clipped and and strapped on the poles full of excitement. This lasted about 30 seconds before the previous days fatigue kicked in. I forgot what stabilizer muscles are capable of doing.

Round one hurt, muscle memory was there but a little dyslexic on my first loop. I'm happy I wasn't wearing my hr monitor, what made me feel enter was watching most others having the same results as I was. Of course I went out for another loop after a short rest. I believe I am officially training now, I the once the heart rate rises above a certain point it's now no longer just a pleasure ski. I'll stick to that theory for a little while.

All attempts to make myself hurl have failed, I'm just left with some sore body parts. Could be worse.

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