Tuesday, January 24, 2012

he likes it

I did it willingly, no medication, no idle threats, no guilt trips. I just did it and I liked it. Its nothing wild or crazy, actually it's pretty boring and normal but it was the feeling I had while doing it. I liked being on the hamster wheel of death, I was tempted to stay on longer than I did. This is a good thing since the turn of crap ski conditions have returned with 24 hours of rain.

O course the reasoning for free ride was initially started as a distraction. I had to sit in on a conference call for work, it meant inactivity, I might as well make the best of it. I've heard stories of what others do doing conference calls, this worked for me. I mixed in some tempo training while we discussed metrics, to say I was crossing my fingers that I didn't need to talk during an interval. Some questions of what I was doing may have risen if I was short of breath. I must say though it did make the hour and a half go by almost easier than watching a good movie.

The week ahead is full of what to do's? As much as I'm more willing to play indoors I must say that I'm craving fresh air, forward momentum and coasting. Let's see what plays it.

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