Monday, January 30, 2012

It's possible

If I didn't have a witness you would call me a liar, but I have proof. All get to that soon enough on a weekend of sliding. A great weekend filled of toys that need wax, some play time with the help of gravity. Played a little more on the carving board, slowly getting used to it. Of cruise finished up the evening ripping up the snow at warp speed on the gs skis. Awww how I love speed.

The rubber legs though were still there first thing Saturday morning but it didn't stop me from taking the dogs out for a chase me session on Georgian Bay. Skate conditions were perfect, water saturated half inch snow on mirror smooth ice with temperatures at the freezing mark, except for the wind which did help with a few sunny breaks, this has been the best skiing to date. Now the wind had some advantages, some steady resistance on the way out as we did the long loop of the bay but the return trip was just super hero like. The dogs had to pick their pace up to keep, I just smiled and enjoyed the gentle push. Just shy of two hours followed up with a short spin on the hamster wheel to recover the legs.

Sunday was yet another wonderful ski day, headed to Awenda park and had company. Death march Liz and her dog Sophie joined Shannon and I for a classic ski around the park. We headed out for the long loop with Liz leading, well technically the dogs were blasting ahead like a mad pack of lunatics. Unfortunately the trail had limited traffic and Liz was making fresh track set, it slowed her down, it happens. After some discussing of a potential ski race in my winter plans somehow some Jedi mind twisting happened and I found myself in the lead breaking the
path. Not a bad thing. After the loop around second lake we had a short break to let the dogs wrestle and some wax touch up was needed.

The bonus for us doing the extra loop meant more traffic on the many trail and a bit of track set. This also lead to carrots when I saw an old lady ahead of us, gotta pass her cant get smoked by a senior. A few minutes later the pace had been raised and I caught her, she settled in behind our mad pack, we eventually blew her p as she tried to keep pace. Yes I'm mean. I will adjust my statement to the truth now, I didn't try and kill the elderly skier, honest. I had bigger plans to see happen.

We broke her, we saw Deathmarch Liz slow, it is possible. That or she was just toying with us which is what I think happened. I won't go into detail, I do wonder of she will ramp up the pace tonight to through some hurt into me, Shannon will escape this torture, she is off to Calgary for the week. Just shy of 3 hours in not perfect but still very enjoyable conditions. I'm happy to get some good miles in, there is a strong thought about the loppet at the end of the month. Maybe, just maybe.

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