Monday, January 9, 2012

Who would have thought.

It was a perfect day for eveything, well everything except for what we were doing. After a slow start while enjoying the sun we headed to the big backyard. Threre were thoughts and considerations made before we left but we, especially me, thought it would be fine. I was wrong, we also ran into a few others that felt the same way. So what was our plan that was not recomended. As funny as it sounds for the time of the year, it was classic xc skiing. I know, crazy thoughts. January and skiing just never mix, well on this day it didn't.

Thaw from the day from the previous day and then the cooler tempatures pretty much wrecked any enjoyment that we would get. It was more of a double pole day with a hint of fear on any decent. The snow was bullet proof with a dash of ridges just to make things interesting. Of course the dogs loved the hardpack for running. Some how we still managed to slide around for 2.5 hours,I'm feeling it today in the joints. Of course in hindsight we we wishing we had brought the bikes, perfect conditions to roll around. What we do for the dogs.

Its not looking like things will be better anytime soon, Im feeling that I'll be charging up some lights and pumping up the tires on KHS this week. I'm pretty us the body will be very content with some smooth motion aft the weekend.

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