Thursday, January 5, 2012

It how you get down that counts

It's interesting how you can be reanalyze a situation to allow you to use our action to your advantage. I looked at the weather yesterday and changed my plans, I didn't even flip a coin to help the decision. I played with gravity instead of fitness. With my change in racing focus, my concerns for big endurance days are a little more relaxed. This means a lot more unstructured fun and in the case of last night it meant u sing a chair lift to get to the top of the hill instead of those two sticks i stand on.

It's not a complete loss though switching things up, the way my legs feel this morning I'm very aware of what I was doing last night. It takes a lot of strength to keep two skis facing the right direction at max speed. Is helping build more stability muscles up again finding my balance, etc etc. Am I looking for specific benefits of downhill skiing/snowboarding to help justify my decision, maybe. Will I stop xc skiing anytime soon, not a chance in hell. It just adds an option and depending on weather, mood, time etc It just go adds to miles my legs need.

Thoughts of riding a bike right now are low, indoor is very uninviting. Outdoors, haven't felt like spending that 30 minutes of prep time to freeze my body, get buzzed my cars, etc etc. Of course that will change, it always does.

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