Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new monster?

I have to admit, I'm liking this new training approach. Another night of graviety sliding, after nearly 15 years of no skiing or snowboarding, which was at certain time of my life a full time job I've come back full circle and am a little addicted. Last nights conditioning turned into a solid workout, soft snow, mild tempatures meant lots of leg work. It also meant I had an it from xc skiing, hard conditions to wax for. Shannon believes that she has reinvented a monster. Maybe.

Some reality checks will come into play though, fitness will be built up, spring is not all that far away. My dreams of skate skiing on the bay are still on hold. Seems Georgian Bay is being stubborn this year about freezing. This also means there won't be any bike rides to the islands anytime soon. Its an unusual year.

Looking like a good weekend for some outdoor play. A tromp in the woods will start out the morning. The sun just broke as I typed that line, maybe some tanning, starting to look pale. Times a wasting. Dogs are a bouncing.

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