Friday, January 20, 2012

can't think of anything better than Stupid

I'm venting a little this morning. I'm frustrated with the lack of common sense in people. Especially the ones attempting to do something illegal. What am I talking about? It was my near death write off the work truck close call yesterday. Taking one of my normal back road short cuts I passed on truck sitting on the side of the road, nothing out of the ordinary. Continue along and around the corner, nothing strange. As I come over the crest of the hill doing below the speed limit, yes I was not doing warp speed for a change, the road was slippery, I went into a panic.

So it's one thing to find a truck parked on the side of a road just over the crest of a hill, yes this is stupid, but what about a truck, much larger than. mine backing up that hill in your lane. The gap disappears very quickly, I started preparing myself for impact as I started my attempts at evasive moves. First though, go for the ditch, ground and snow banks are probably softer than the bumper of a full size Chev pickup. Hmmmm that's a deep ditch, it will hurt, change thought. Re adjust direction as much as possible, the road is slippery that erratic movements are limited, all gentle persuasions. I pulse the brakes, control some skidding, turn the wheel a bit and get the passenger side lined up, can't completely clear the truck, Fuck. Still going to hurt, the road is narrow, the truck realizes what is about to happen and stops. I feel a little bit of grip, some manipulation and I manage to do a Dukes of Hazard style 180 along with controlled braking. A slight brace, it might not hurt as much this way going rear bumper to rear bumper, speed is dropping quickly. Stopped, less than a foot from a new truck purchase. Luck was on my side, a little bit of experience helped, no new work truck for me.

I make a comment to the driver wondering what he was thinking, driving p a hill backwards on a slippery hill in the wrong lane is not only dangerous beyond belief but also very illegal. The driver gives a stunned response, I notice he is sporting camouflage, I wasn't concerned of a redneck hillbilly get shot and buried in the back forty, didn't think he was bright enough to move quick enough. I continue along the road to m next service call, along the way I notice the very organized spacing of trucks. About 500 feet apart, hmmm there all siting in their trucks, strange. They're all wearing camouflage and hunting orange caps. hmmm. Strange, there is nothing is in season. A lot of organization for catching turkeys on a deserted back road. Can you say corralling a field and section of woods. A phone call was made.

If your going to do something illegal like poaching you shouldn't be stupid and obvious. If you are reading into a house in the middle of e night you don't turn on all the house lights when the neighbours no the owners are in Florida. Hopefully my phone call ends with good results. Hopefully, my rant is done. Road on the trainer for a bit in the evening to spin out the stress. Just another fun day, the weekend is almost here.

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