Saturday, December 31, 2011

It was a blur, now time to focus

Thats pretty much what it's felt like the last week,a hazy blur of travel,family,food, alcohol, and no physical activity. Can you say overdose bender. Well that's all about to change and yesterday was the first step on the road back to normalness. With winter finally here and the body craving, ok not craving, screaming for some sort of fresh air based movement we headed to the big backyard with sme slippery slicks. Awww it felt great, oh xc skiing how I missed you.

Shannon chased and was loving her new classics, of course the dogs were in their element. Molly loves chasing the bike but as she is gets a bit older I think she prefers the pace of skiing more and more. Of course Rogue just wants to run. It felt great just gliding along, getting those static muscles moving again. Mixed a few skate strides in for good measure, yes it's been a long summer. So this is my plan this year, ski, a lot. Avoid the hamster wheel of death at all costs. I am very tempted to have a monthly allowance of trainer time, this number will be low, very low. Something to the about, along with the plan for 2012.

Some major discussions have been started, a few more races are in consideration, my change of carrer to shorter race may be as short lived as the race. There is nothing set in stone at this point though. I'm still hazed over from 2011 with their highlights and low sides. A quick rundown of what it was and what it is.

A new start to the year had me playing on a 100 miler, body got mad at me, still finshed 2nd in catagory surprisingly. Came back a month later with the mighty T for a repeat win at the 24 hour of Summer Solstice, finished up the awards with a fiance. Huge thank you to AWI Racing and Chico Racing for everything. Then came the ups and downs, for some Aston old age caught up with me this year and my body was either on and fast of so pissed at me that I dropped out of races faster than I started. A couple new wins. at tour de king and Sir SAMs 4 hour and some new DFL at hardwood 8 hour and Mountainview 9. At least my crown was handed over to team mates at those two races.

Of course the season ending low light was my body checking move on a MNS ride. It killed my cross season which I was actually looking forward to. I'd heard cross keeps you fit in the fall, my bike was craving going fast, bad luck. After nearly 2 months Im feeling pretty good, training started slowly, But it started. Hmm speaking of training, I do believe my skate skis are calling me.

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