Thursday, December 1, 2011

Almost time, almost done

Well it looks like the 2011 ride/race season has come official to an end. Ok, maybe I'm jumping just a little, Im hoping to squeeze in a w more road rides but the small dump of snow yesterday appears to be just enough to make make all the single track disappear and it doesn't appear that the weather will allow it to melt from here on in.

Of course I'm also getting closer to having more time to play/train as the bathroom Reno is getting closer to being done. All the crazy challenges that we have encountered hopefully have come to an end. I'm afraid to use the famous Top Gear quote "how hard can it be" with any part of the rebuild since it has seemed that even the simpliest part has turned difficult. The shower valve from hell, the wonderful removal of the old galvanized steel pipe that was done in two stages, the vent that had the hidden two elbows, the slightly undeveloped floor. Of course the removal of the old tub, toilet and sink which all weighed as much as a car just added to the challenge. The end is near though, some tiling, the little bit of retiring of the electrical (this hopefully should be the only challenge) and then some trim and paint. A brak will be taken after this.

That brake will be to play and of good timing, my body is starting to feel better and the reintroduction of yoga into my weekly routines
should get me back to my old old self. The list of what to do and where to play is hanging in front of me, just a little more snow is needed. For the moment I'll enjoy somew more coffee. For now.

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