Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the cursed component

It must be a cursed part, how can one man have so much problem with one component? I've given up thinking its a design flaw, false advertising, poor workmanship, bad luck, rider error, or Mother Natures revenge. How can I have three break in less than three years. I'm talking about my rear derailluer, my pretty carbon XTR. No I have not broken the same one three times, this is three different units, this is y I feel it's cursed.

The first one was understandable, summer solstice a couple years ago. The mud race, it got jammed, I see no major complaint in that one. The second was a curse filled one. Joyride150, first skinny, half way down, rear wheel slide, snap. I almost cried. Then there was last night. Just riding along with the boys on the MNS thing. Nothing strange happening, no random stick, not cruel rock or stump, I just felt something shift, then a strange feeling in the drivetrain. The chain was tucked in etween the lower pulley and the cage, how? The back plate that is epoxied into the carbon cage let go. There is number three.

An attempt to trail side repair it with some tape lasted only a few minutes before I turned back for the car. We were at the furthest point in the trail, that was about the we it should have happened. The spin back to the car b way of the road was done gingerly, I had no craving to walk. An hour later the bike was up on the stand. Lucky I seem to have all these random parts hanging around. Like the change out on the anthem the previous year,the is no longer a carbon derailur on the hardtail. I beleive I will be a fan of aluminum from this point on. Im not sure if the XTR weighs much mo in metal but I'll deal with it. Besides that anther great ride, it's December, it doesn't look like riding will end any time soon. I'm a little disapointed.

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