Friday, December 16, 2011

it was like a cool spring day

ok, I have to admit that yesterday was pretty sweet. December 15th, finished up work early, two hour ride full of single track in the big backyard. Ya, I'm not complaining about the weather anymore. Joining in the fun were Mr. Watson and Mr Parker. In the parking lot the debate was made on how much or little to wear, Brandon trying to prove how tough he was and pity much dressed for a mid summer day. As the ride progressed I think he had it right.

11 degrees in the summer is freezing but in December it felt like a heat wave, especially on the climbs. Oh the climbs, for those who know the big backyard you are aware the of the climbs. Mix that in with December fitness and the problem of staying warm was no longer a problem. I felt better than I thought I might as Mr Watson set a pretty solid pace that included many smart ass comments. Base fitness is there, endurance is there, middle and top end is somewhere in March. I'm pretty content with that, considering the time off with the rib problem I think I'm starting up a few notches higher than last year.

As we made our way to the 5th line decent I got something I haven't had in a long time. I almost forgot how to change a tube, its been a long time since I flatted, lucky for me Brandon was carrying a tube and pump. Where was mine you might ask, tube was in the car, pump was in my pocket, with an empty co2. Lucky for me that the Top Gear ruled was not put into play. A few minutes later we were ripping up the downhill. I love my hardtail, it has it's place but I'm missing my dualie more and more. It will be a few months before the Anthem comes out to play.

Timing was everything, as we rolled into the parking lot Mother Nature started to open up the clouds and the rain came. We were done, no worries. The weekend is shaping up, some bigger hours a planned. Time to start building that match book as Mr Watson might say.

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