Monday, December 5, 2011

conditions are changing, backwards

Another good weekend of play for me, Saturday morning found me down in the big backyard. What shocked me though was I wasn't the first one out on the snow covered single track. As I left the parking lot the solo track lasted only a few minutes down the trail before turning around. I proceeded thinking that I would leave first tracks, well first bike tracks as I chased three crazy dogs. This lasted for a couple sections of trail before coming across another track. This one didn't turn and run away from a couple inches of snow.

It was perfect conditions for a ride, the snow just hard enough to support the weight but just soft enough that my favorite tires had traction. As I swapped the lead with the mad pack a couple times, we toured around the north end of the trails sticking to relatively flat terrain. I didn't avoid the hills for me, it was umm for the dogs, honest. An hour and a half of touring, we rolled back to the parking lot just as things started to soften up.

Sunday was a repeat visit to Copeland with an even larger pack of dogs and a few more people. The bikes were left at home this time, swapped it for trail runners. The would be no running though, Jacob was not in the mood. Deathmarch Liz and Shannon were nice enough to keep the pace sane enough for Jacob and I to keep up. The snow was gone, the rain came down, I don't see any of my skis coming out anytime soon. Maybe this is because I have everything snow related ready to go. Maybe.

Speaking of winter toys, the winter bike is ready. This year, a KHS Solo one that is no longer a one speed. The bomb proof friction thumb shifter is back giving me 8 gears at the back. Fenders are mounted, no wet ass this year, the 29er wheels will give me the option of tires, right now it's sporting for nevagals, no worries about slippery conditions with those. Now I just need some winter like conditions to use it.

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