Friday, December 2, 2011

A change of enjoyment, let the suffering begin

Hills, sometimes there fun, sometimes not so much. I feel it depends on what direction on it that influences it's enjoyment. Now that the winter like temperatures have begun my love of one side is beginning to change to more of a dislike. Wind chill has a tendency to make even the most amazing road decent equal to a middle age style torture. Add in some slightly slippery underwheel excitement and that was part of the ride yesterday. I'm not complaining, it's better than riding indoors.

Great ride to Copeland yesterday, not a ride in the woods, just to it by way of the hilly route. Legs were feeling pretty good, hip alignment is slowly coming along. Once I arrived to the woods a small attempt was made on some single track. Using my awesome mud/snow/dry condition tires I slide around for about 10 minutes before meeting up with Shannon and the dogs who were running in the fresh snow. Looks like the thrills of singletrack may be done for the season, It may also be one of my last rides on a light bike. It won't be long till sand and salt takes over the streets and every bike that has the word carbon on it will be put away for the winter sleep.

The decision on what to abuse for the winter is pretty simple. It's looking like the big wheel bike will be the stead to beat on this year. A little working and some 700c will roll in the 29er frame. A 1x whatever I have hanging around will work the drive train. I'm figuring that with fenders and winter upgrades weight should easily bust the 30 pound mark. Yep, I'll be more inclined to ski before spinning on a tank. I will be reminding myself to cherish these last couple rides on a light, smooth shifting carbon race machine. The Mack truck is only a short time away.

I must wish two of my teammates good luck on yet another stupid endeavor, a non trained marathon attempt. Running is a human ability to be used for chasing food or to evade danger or death, not for fun. It hurts, it always hurts. It will hurt a lot over 42 km, I want them to make it but I also want them to suffer and suffer hard. Good luck to the twins,if you see Jacob and Tristan on the road near Orrilia honk your horn in support and swerve to scare them.

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